Trading Rules


Trading Type Retail foreign exchange trading
Account Currency USD, JPY
Trading Method Internet(PC/Smart Phone)
Trading hours Mon-Fri 7:05am-6:45am (JST)
Mon-Fri 6:05am-5:45am (JST)  *During Summer Time
During low peak season of Interbank market such as Christmas and New Year, change of trading hours may occur.Click Here for more details
 Trading unit 1Lot(100,000 Currency Unit)
 Minimum Trading unit 0.01Lot(1000 Currency Unit)
 Maximum Trading unit 100Lot
Maximum open/pending orders per client Unlimited
During low peak season of Interbank market, change of Maximum open/pending orders may occur.
Lot restriction per client Unlimited
 Minimum Deposit Amount USD 50~
Leverage Fixed to 1:100
Transaction margin
1) JPY related currency pair(USD/JPY etc.):Marking rate×100000 currency unit×No. of Lots ×1%
2) JPY non-related currency pair(USD/EUR etc.):Marking rate of the left hand side currency to JPY×100000 currency unit×No. of Lots ×1%
Spread Spread will change from time to time. Please check the correct spread in MT4 Terminal.
※Live and Demo Account is using the same server
Swap Point Please check here for more details
Order type Market order・Limit Order・Stop Order・Trailing Stop
Cross Order Yes
Loss Cut Deposit maintenance rate 100%
Margin call No
Deposit & Withdrawal 24 hours Operation (for Bitwallet)
※It may take some times to reflect.
Roll Over Occur during New York Close Time.
Account Opening / Maintenance fee Free